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Photo by Mathew Schwartz

Photo by Mathew Schwartz

The context

The information age has revolutionised the world with every business, regardless of its purpose, increasingly needing to be digital-first. From marketing to sales to operations to product-development to customer service – digital technologies are increasingly forming the core of how business is done.

As better internet connectivity speeds up businesses' capability to leverage available technologies in the cloud, a new breed of tech business is emerging right here in PNG. The Coral Sea Cable due in 2019 is poised to make it possible for PNG to claim a space on the global map of digital economies.


“It is necessary to … ‘participate fully in the digital revolution that is taking place’”

— Peter O’Neill, former Prime Minister
(as quoted in Business Advantage PNG)


The Opportunity

Unlike well-established ecosystems for digital innovation such as in the USA or Malaysia, PNG businesses need to move through the business cycle with limited support. There are simply not enough local digital companies and founders who have experienced sustained success to provide this help. Investment is often hard to access, and PNG struggles to access the latest information on new technologies and solutions.

But PNG is ready! There is a tremendous capability and desire to develop a strong tech ecosystem. Techlab is designed to fast-track SMEs in using cloud and other emerging technologies to help position PNG well for the digital future.

Photo by Pietro Jeng

Photo by Pietro Jeng

The Program

At the heart of Techlab is a 12-month accelerator designed for tech SMEs that are creating a new product or service that will enrich the SME tech ecosystem and leverage cutting-edge technologies. The accelerator will help businesses by:

  • Moving quickly through business cycles by developing and activating a strategic plan

  • Accessing personalised coaching from experienced business and technology generalists

  • Participating in a 2-week Australian intensive tailored for specific needs of the business

  • Identifying ways to accelerate financial sustainability and/or investment

Techlab will also engage the broader tech ecosystem including ‘non-tech’ SMEs by helping understand what technology is available and how to leverage it to make a greater impact. Monthly activities will consist of a variety of hands-on workshops, meet-ups and seminars. Participants will develop skills in 'business user' application development, workflow management and analytics. These activities are designed for SMEs of any kind and at any stage that could improve their systems and processes by leveraging cloud technologies.


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